Oxfordshire County Council begins A40 works at Wolvercote

Oxfordshire County Council begins A40 works at Wolvercote

Oxford North

Oxfordshire County Council has started enabling works for the A40 improvement works.

Preparation work has started along the A40 on a short section of the road just to the west of the Wolvercote roundabout.

The work is part of plans to improve the A40 with upgraded cycle and bus infrastructure.

The preparation work includes some vegetation clearance and a small temporary compound which will be created alongside the A40.

Thomas White Oxford has given Oxfordshire County Council permission to use an area for their compound which will be used while the main work to improve the A40 takes place from February 2021 until late 2021, and also for the footpaths/cycle paths to be diverted alongside the A40 while the works take place.

To find out more, please visit Oxfordshire County Council’s A40 project page: