Response to The Oxford Times article 07.08.19

Response to The Oxford Times article 07.08.19

Further to The Oxford Times online article 07.08.19: "Thames Water raises concerns over new Oxford North development" a spokesperson for Thomas White Oxford said:

"TWO is aware of Thames Water’s submitted comments dated 8 July 2019 to Oxford North’s planning application and the additional information provided.

This is a standard response from Thames Water for any planning application.

Thames Water has previously confirmed that there is capacity in the system and has withdrawn an identical comment.

You will see from previous correspondence logged on Oxford City Council's online planning portal that Thames Water submitted the same standard correspondence on 4 October 2018 to TWO’s initial planning application, and following conversations with Peter Brett Associates, on behalf of TWO, on 20 December 2018 Thames Water confirmed that there is capacity in the system:

“Thames Water would advise that with regard to Foul Water sewage network infrastructure capacity, we would not have any objection to the above planning application, based on the information provided The application indicates that surface waters will NOT be discharged to the public network and as such Thames Water has no objection, however approval should be sought from the Lead Local Flood Authority. Should the applicant subsequently seek a connection to discharge surface water into the public network in the future then we would consider this to be a material change to the proposal, which would require an amendment to the application at which point we would need to review our positon [sic].”

To view the Thames Water's full response, please visit:

Peter Brett Associates is in continued discussions with Thames Water to provide their response to the additional information provided to the planning application. Peter Brett Associates has informed Thames Water that there is no material change to the application in respect to the matters they have raised and reminded them of their previous consultation response in December 2018.

Oxford North's full planning application, reference 18/02065/OUTFUL, can be viewed here: