Key principles

Key principles

Key principles

Global trajectories

  • Respond to transformative changes in disciplines and technologies
  • Research activity and personnel are international and increasingly mobile
  • A place for the most talented people and organisations
  • A location for innovative activities and spaces


  • A ‘good neighbour’ to surrounding communities
  • Opportunity to create a new centre within the north of the city
  • New amenities should serve surrounding and emerging neighbourhoods as well as the site itself
  • Building profiles should respond to topography and the character of the surrounding area

Long term adaptation

  • Simple development parcels serviced by straightforward infrastructure
  • Development parcels capable of subdividing or fusing depending on building sizes and functions
  • Buildings should be robust and future-proofed


  •  Masterplan organised around a clearly defined set of open spaces
  • Three land areas linked together, with distinctive conditions responding to specific opportunities
  • Fingers of open space oriented towards the Canal and Port Meadow
  • A central street can form the heart of the site
  • Internal ‘green’ to the east protects from road and rail noise

Climate and energy

  • Canopies and shelters link buildings to protect from the rain
  • Open spaces and public activities oriented towards the sun
  • Rainwater used for cooling of buildings and amenity in public realm
  • Opportunities for leadership and innovation in sustainability and for this to be undertaken